Monday, January 19, 2009

Cripple Con 2

Len Hernandez ala the puppies, Fuzz and Ruby

So Cripple Con came and went, (literally) and we all got to know each other well beyond what was expected. Well, well, well, well, well beyond what was expected. CC2 was a weekend full of borracheras y borrachos and lots of fun times as I'm sure Que Padre would put it. In the midst of all of the debauchery, here is what I managed to draw.

Sam Gorrie ala Dragon Hoodie

Tawnya Hudnell and Dave Walz ala cute
Jeremy Stock ala my funny Valentine

The Texas boys ala Urban Cowboy (L to R) Chris Singleton, Kev Jackson and Pat Martinez


Lucas Martell said...

Google Alerts just sent me a link to your blog. How have you been?!?

Vanessa Rogers said...

Hey you!!!! Nice drawings! write me an email, I want to know how you are. Do you check these comments? I left you a question last time but never heard back.

Aaron said...

Whatup Lindsay! I just found this. Good stuff. you really brout the gravy!

chris chUa! said...

hey lindsey! dug your work at the con. the Tawyna one especially. and the sam one was great too!

Gabriel Hunt draws sometimes said...

Theres one thing I wrong with that texas sketch. Wheres the Shiner?

kanishk said...

Nice drawings!
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